Wednesday, July 11, 2007

DeSeno and Polumbo: Both from Howell. Both Italian. Both threatened by anonymous internet trolls

Like fellow Howell Township Italian Amy Polumbo, attorney Tommy DeSeno (pictured on the right) has been threatened by anonymous internet trollers to be personally embarassed unless he resigns.

DeSeno, who often writes about the plight of Italians in the Tri-City News, denies there are any incriminating pictures of him with Polumbo, and states that he has not been photographed nude since he was a baby. Following in Polumbo's footsteps, DeSeno declined to release those photos.

Tommy does hope to follow Polumbo onto FoxNews, if not to be interviewed by O'Reilly, then as a fill in for Sean Hannity.

Check back often for more news on this breaking story. There are unconfirmed reports that an Irish guy may also have received threats.


Amy Polumbo has released her photos. Tommy DeSeno will not release his baby pictures, but he still wants to be on FoxNews.

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Anonymous said...

most be something in the water in Tinton Falls.