Friday, July 27, 2007

Estabrook to the rescue!

US Senate candidate Anne Estabrook will be among the speakers at the Monmouth County Republican Finance Gala, Weds August 1.

Rumour has it that Estabrook has already been promised the Monmouth County party line in the 2008 primary, in exchange for major contributions to the county party, and/or PACS thereof. So much for a convention.

According to, Estabrook has a long track record as a generous political donor. While most of her donations have been to Republicans, she has contributed to the NJ Democratic State Committee and to PACS that have donated to notable Democrats such as Robert Menendez (who also got a direct contribution from Estabrook in 2000), Frank Pallone, Jerry Nadler and others.

According to the Monmouth GOP June 30, 2007 ELEC report, the party really needs the money. The report is very hard to read, literally and figuratively. The Monmouth GOP has about $4500 cash on hand, and debt of about $30K, including almost $19K to Pitney Bowes Credit Corp for "equipment settlement." Most contributions for the quarter came from candidates' campaign accounts.


Anonymous said...

Art dude are you making an apperance at this event?

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Sounds like just the sort of stellar candidate we need for senate.

(for the slow ones tht was sarcasm)

Art Gallagher said...

Anonymous said...
Art dude are you making an apperance at this event?

Only if I can get my space suit out of storage on time.