Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

"By today’s political standards, Truman (a real "true man") and Jack Kennedy would be viewed as conservative Republicans."

~ Conservative columnist Gordon Bishop, writing about Monmouth Democratic Chair Victor Scudiery

Bishops's article is a good read.


Carl Golden and Dan Gallic weighed in yesterday on the impact that the NJ GOP's suit seeking to make the Governor's emails subject to OPRA will have on state government.

In this era when there is much lip service given to the concept of government transparency, I wonder who would benefit and who would suffer if all government officials' communications where subject to OPRA. How would government be different if all the phones calls, face to face conversations, and emails were recorded?

Maybe Nixon was on to something.


Bill Bowman and Keith Brown at the Asbury Park Press are doing a great job keeping the heat up on BRAC and making it possible that Fort Monmouth's operations will stay put. Let's hope our congressional delegation can put a halt to the Fort's demise.

It always amuses me that both Republicans and Democrats think the Asbury Park Press favors the other party. The Asbury Park Press favors selling newspapers and getting hits on their website.


Once again MoreMonmouthMusings made the Top 10 in BlognetNews/NJ's weekly rankings. I don't know who those blognetnews people are, but they sure do know how to get their website linked to blogs!

Also of note, BlueJersey returned the favor and linked MoreMonmouthMusings on their blog roll. As far as I know I am the only Republican over there. That will probably keep me off the blogrolls of some Republican sites. Oh well. I like Blue Jersey. While I don't agree with much of what they stand for, we do agree on some issues, like that "asset monetization" is a bad idea. I respect that the folks at Blue Jersey don't tow their party's line. Honest debate, not partisanship, will lead to more participation by the electorate and better government.

7 comments: said...

Bishop wrote this column about Scudiery some time ago, Its a re-tread.

I sent it to two gay and lesbian groups because Vic's comments are homophobic.

It was at the same time both groups were hammering Republicans for a comment by a staffer saying Gays in Asbury Park don't vote (that was a distortion - he was telling the truth that much of the gay and lesbian community in Asbury Park don't keep a primay residence there, so they don't vote there).

To be fair, both groups said they were outraged by Vic's comments. Both told me the comments were extremely homophobic.

Want to know how they got around not issuing a Press Release against the Dems?

They said they could not confirm that Vic actually said any of it to Bishop.

I guess that's how that game is played.

Art Gallagher said...

Yes, that article was written in March of 2005.

It's interesting that you think that Vic's comments were homophobic. I went and re-read the article and still don't read it that way


as for the transparancy issue: hey, strong central government is something the founders were wary of for good reason.

an executive branch, on any level, requires transparancy to ensure that the lives of the many are not being sold out by the wants of a few, be it republican or democrat, in washington or in podunk.

right now, there is too much executive privilege and the level should be: if it is on a government machine, or about government business, or discussing spending the government's money, then at some point it should be available for inspection by the taxpayers...any taxpayers... without a lot of nonsense. private notes? nope. not buying.

and if that bothers a lawmaker, then maybe they shouldnt be a lawmaker.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Oh yeah. Don't suggest that the gay agenda to change the values that have sustained civilization for 2000 years is wrong and harmful to our society because you would then be homophobic and there is nothing more heinous then being homophobic. We wouldn't want to be called that. uh uh no way.

online jerk said...

F'Art did you vote for Brendan Tobin or Brian Nelson in the Concerned Monmouth Republican Poll?

De Seno & Kunz, LLP said...


I've twice posted this notice to Rastaman, and he twice erased it.

He's felling cornered.

Update on Honest Abe and Monmouth Rastaman Cases
New Court Date for "Monmouth Rastaman" and "Honest Abe" Hearing

Please be advised:

Due to the conflict of interest declared by Judge Mullaney,

In the case of

Purcell v Monmouth Rastaman Docket No: MON-L-2355-07,

as well as the case of

Migliaccio v Honest Abe, Docket No: MON-L-1752-06,

The Court has assigned a new date, time and Judge to hear both the

Motion to Approve Letters Rogatory to request the California Court approve the Subpoena issued to Google, Inc. for identifying information for “Monmouth Rastaman”

as well as the

Motion to Approve Letters Rogatory to request the California Court approve the Subpoena issued to Google, Inc. for identifying information for “Honest Abe”

as follows.:

Friday, July 20, 2007 at 9:00 am, before-

The Honorable Jamie S. Perri, PJSC at -

Superior Court of New Jersey

71 Monument Park

Freehold, New Jersey 07728

Please be guided accordingly.

Thomas De Seno, Esq.

De Seno & Kunz, LLP

601 Bangs Avenue

PO Box 500

Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712-0500


Art Gallagher said...

it couldn't happen to a nicer guy