Thursday, July 05, 2007


par·ti·san /ˈpɑrtəzən, -sən; Brit. ˌpɑrtəˈzæn/
1. an adherent or supporter of a person, group, party, or cause, esp. a person who shows a biased, emotional allegiance.
2. Military. a member of a party of light or irregular troops engaged in harassing an enemy, esp. a member of a guerrilla band engaged in fighting or sabotage against an occupying army. –adjective
3. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of partisans; partial to a specific party, person, etc.: partisan politics.
4. of, pertaining to, or carried on by military partisans or guerrillas.

Honest Abe has a great post that highlights the current wacky state of political affairs in Monmouth County politics and blogdom. He starts with the disclaimer that he was prepared to be a good partisan and not address our party leaders' weird behavior and concludes that we must work to prevent the Democrats from taking control of Freehold.

I share in Abe's dilemma, but I'm not ready to share in his conclusions.

As much as party leaders would scoff at this, I believe this blog has been a Republican partisan blog. Does anyone doubt that the Monmouth County GOP would have better chances of success in this coming election if Anna Little and Joe Oxley were on the ticket?

I've harshly criticized the chairman's actions, and his actions have taken two of Monmouth County's most popular Republicans off the ballot this year. Now, most of the smart money is betting on the Democrats taking over Freehold and taking a few legislative seats, if not sweeping the 11th and the 12th. Indeed, only the 13th is considered safe for Republicans, and even one seat is considered vulnerable there. Welcome to Bergen County with beaches.

My biased, emotional allegiance, is against excessive government spending, waste and cronyism. This leads my knee to jerk for Republicans for state office and Democrats for county office, which is what I think the results would be in Monmouth County if the election was today.

When I check my emotions with critical thinking, I get depressed.

While Democrats have been a disaster in Trenton and Governor Corzine's plans for our toll roads are frightening, I am very aware of the fact that the seeds of our state's fiscal problems were planted during the Whitman administration when Republicans had control. Yes, Republicans rolled back Florio's taxes, but they kept growing the government payroll and programs. They spent like drunken Democrats and balanced the budget with gimmicks and the pension fund.

Freehold is a disaster. "Club Monmouth" has kept control, ironically because of the Asbury Park Press's endorsement and call for a bullet vote for Brian Unger in 2005. Last year two non-club members were elected in Anna Little and Barbara McMorrow. "The club" got Little off the ballot and has been trying to co-opt McMorrow. Abe's post suggests that Democratic candidate John D'Amico is a card carrying member of "the club."

I like Rob Clifton, a lot, but he has not distinguished himself during his first term. He has attempted to keep his support with "the club" while keeping his appeal to the non-club members of the party and the electorate. Only Joe Oxley has been able to do that. Oxley's office gave him a platform which enabled him to do that. Clifton couldn't do that as a Freeholder and thus, his support is unenthusiastic throughout the party.

Jeff Cantor has a strong resume, but he remains an unknown. What is also unknown is if he will be the candidate come September.

The Bradley Beach Mayor is also an unknown. So much so that I had to go to the Dem's website to get his name. Stephen Schueler.

This sorry state of affairs leads me to understand why so many people don't bother to vote.

Fortunately, the last year and a half of blogging has given me an opportunity I've wished I had in the past. I can interview candidates as if I was considering hiring them to work for me. That is how I am going to work my way out of this dilemma.

There are candidates from both parties that have all ready agreed to be interviewed. Some have sought me out specifically for interviews. Others have sought me out for other reasons and agreed to be interviewed at my request. All candidates for state and county office will be invited to be interviewed and I will decide how I vote and who I will support this November based in large part on those interviews.

Naturally, I will share my interviews and impressions with you, my readers.



A really good post. It's why your blog makes a difference.

It's got to be about who is the better person for the office: cutting taxes, cutting out waste and doing what's right for the residents, not the parties.

Any candidate should be able to talk to their points, and explain why they think they should hold office.

This is a good site, and if anyone is looking to serve then it would be a good idea for them to put their ideas out there.

This is a good medium and its used responsibly here.

Honest Abe said...

"...Democratic candidate John D'Amico is a card carrying member of 'the club.'"

The club crosses party lines. See Westlake, Collins, McKenna, etc. The Dems don't want to shut the club down, they want to own it and get "their" piece of the pie.
If they get control this November, the sign won't read "CLOSED", it'll read "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT."

Art Gallagher said...

Honest Abe said...
"...Democratic candidate John D'Amico is a card carrying member of 'the club.'"

The club crosses party lines. See Westlake, Collins, McKenna, etc. The Dems don't want to shut the club down, they want to own it and get "their" piece of the pie.
If they get control this November, the sign won't read "CLOSED", it'll read "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT."

That is exactly right, and the same has been true on the state and national level.

As Teddy Rooselvelt said in one of the best blog posts I have ever read:

"We need to be united in a new purpose. The people of this county ney the state and country hunger for a new type of party.

A party that is truly dedicated to rooting out corruption and back room deals. I do not mean the big your going to prison if caught corruption. Every party is against that. I speak of the minor corruption like cronyism and pork barrel spending which infect all levels of government. I speak of the corruption of purpose where what matters is no longer what's best for the public but what is best for getting a politician re-elected so that they can remain powerful and their ego be gratified.

That is the unity of purpose we should be seeking."

Both parties are dominated by "trough swillers" as Bob Ingle likes to call them. I prefer "hos".

And that is why MoreMonmouthMusings is no longer a partison blog.