Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Will Corzine be fired again?

The reviews keep coming in. "Asset Monetization" is a flop, and Jon Corzine's star is fading.

A new Monmouth University/Gannet poll shows that Corzine's scheme is DOA with New Jersey voters.

Corzine is still determined to sell the scheme. As he's done many times before, he's attempting to buy support from special interests. He's threatening tax increases if he doesn't get his way. His problem is that voters and the special interests have figured out that if we go for his scheme, we'll still have tax increases and we'll have uncontrollable toll increases.

Democratic bloggers at BlueJersey have turned on the plan. David P. Rebovich, a Rider University political science professor said, "It may be that the governor cannot convince people."

Republicans are enthused with their prospects of taking back the Senate and gaining in the Assembly.

Corzine has a track record of forcing his way against powerful opposition. His pushing through the sale of Goldman Sachs in the face of his partners' opposition got him fired at Goldman, but only after the damage was done.

Will the NJ Democratic party let Corzine do the damage before they show him the door? Probably. But if they know what's good for them, Dick Codey and Joe Roberts will announce that there will be no "Asset Monetization" and that they will not let Corzine and his ex-girlfriend do any further damage to New Jersey.

It was just over a year ago that Corzine forced a shut down of the state and then paid the union workers for their extra time off. It's time someone stand up to this bull headed megalomaniac.

Instead of speculating who the Democratic candidate for US Senate will be in 2008 if Frank Lautenberg retires again, Democrats should focus on who they will run for Governor in 2009.

Dick Codey has to be the front runner.

Don't forget: Cocktails with the Governor tonight.

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