Friday, August 10, 2007

Cantor speaks his mind.

At the Monmouth County Freeholder meeting on Thursday night, Marlboro Council President and Freeholder Candidate Jeff Cantor endorsed Freeholder Anna Little's proposal for Freeholder term limits and a rotational directorship.

During the public comments, Cantor said, "Director Barham, you are not going to like this, Freeholder Little you are right. Absolute power corrupts."

In an interview on Friday with MoreMonmouthMusings, Cantor said that he expects Freeholder Director Bill Barham and others are not pleased with him. "People may be pissed off, but I have to do what I think is right. The state should be implementing these kinds of reforms from the top. If they won't do it, we can do it on the county and municipal level."

Cantor said that Freeholders should serve no more than four terms, and that the directorship should rotate annually. "This is not Jeff Cantor vs Bill Barham," he said,"Bill has done a lot of good things. However, it is important to rotate and to learn from each other."

Cantor, a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves said there has been no change is his military status, but that could change at any time.

He had not spoken with Director Barham, Chairman Adam Puharic or his running mate Freeholder Rob Clifton since his comments at the Freeholder meeting on Thursday night.


Jackie Corley said...

::gasp:: another independent-minded person in the party. whatever shall they do?

more candor from cantor. good for him.

ambrosiajr said... HE won't get any support from the little general...don't these republicans realize that they have to have their thoughts blessed by Comrade Puharic? This may be the last we hear of Jeff Cantor...
I do have one question though....did Barham's head explode all over the meeting room when one of his own party had some un-aurthorized thoughts? I would have paid money to see that one!

Teddy Roosevelt said...

I am not suprised. most Military people I know who are currently or have recently served are not easily intimidated. While they know how to follow orders they will not unless someone actually outranks them. They are also smart enough to know that in politics no one really outranks anyone else.
Isn't Freedom a grand thing.
Jeff certainly has my vote.