Friday, August 31, 2007

County Candidates Debate Scheduled

Allan Dean, owner of the Atlantic Highlands Herald, reports on his forum that the League of Women Voters will be sponsoring a County Candidates debate:

2007 Candidates’ Forum for Monmouth County Elections
Sponsored by The League of Women Voters of Monmouth County

Wednesday, October 17 -- 7:00 pm
Monmouth County Library
Symmes Road
Manalapan, New Jersey

Be Part of an Informed Electorate!
Meet the candidates! Hear the discussion on the issues.
Bring your questions for the candidates.

Candidates for County Clerk: Vote for one
Claire French (R)
Amod Choudhary (D)
Candidates for Sheriff: Vote for one
Kim Guadagno (R)
Jack W. Hill, Jr. (D)
Candidates for County Freeholder: Vote for two
Robert Clifton (R) John D’Amico,Jr. (D)
Jeff Cantor (R) Stephen G. Schueler (D)


Anonymous said...

Library address is 125 Symmes Dr, Manalapan, not Symmes Rd

Anonymous said...

wall township has decided to knock down 5 acres of trees to put in baseball fields. 850,000. in taxpayers money will be spent to complete the project. They will be using the existing drain within camp evans which empties into a flood zone. Flooding has been an issue in the area since knocking down over 5 acres of trees in 1995 to constuct 4 baseball fields. residents are up in arms (asbury park press 8-23-07) and the current committee has decided to proceed regardless of the issues and a 200 signature petition.

An angry resident decided to post information about the project on his website which is based on OPRA information and to drive the point home he made videos to demonstrate some of the issue.