Friday, August 17, 2007

Highlands Mayor leaves race

Highlands Mayor Rick O'Neil is withdrawing from the race for a fourth term. The Republican O'Neil was set to defend his seat against Democratic Councilman John Urbanski.

The Highlands Republican county committee members will select a new candidate before the September 17 deadline.


Anonymous said...

During the last 7-years, Rick O'Neil has done nothing to improve Highlands. All improvements have been made by white collar residents and investors. O'Neil was at the right place at the right time, yet because of his lack of leadership, vision, and intelligence, Highlands lost its chance to get rid of the "No Gooders" of the old Highlands.

Hopefully, you will run for mayor and win Art, because the thought of a Highlands Democrat winning means we become Long Branch.

Art Gallagher for Mayor of Highlands!!!

Art Gallagher said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence, but I'm not a candidate.

Rick O'Neil and I have not always seen eye to eye. However, I think he has been a good Mayor.