Monday, August 06, 2007

A message from Chairman Adam Puharic

Dear Fellow Republicans:

I wanted to take a moment to update you on the progress of our 2007 Monmouth County Republican ticket. Kim Guadagno for Sheriff, County Clerk Claire French, and Rob Clifton and Jeff Cantor for Freeholder are motivated, enthusiastic, focused and united. Our outstanding ticket is working hard to bring a Republican victory from the top of the ticket to elected office on the municipal level.

This past weekend, all of our Monmouth County Republican candidates were busy walking door to door, visiting voters, and listening to their concerns. I am impressed by their dedication, and you should know that our candidates have been walking since Memorial Day.

This past Wednesday, the 52nd Annual Monmouth County Republican Finance Gala was a tremendous success. The outstanding Finance Committee, led by Chairman Tom Gagliano, committee members John Bennett, Rick DeNoia, Shital Rajan, Senator Joe Kyrillos, and others raised more funds for our candidates than the prior three years. This is a testament to their commitment to a Republican victory this November, and their fidelity to our great party.

On a personal note, three weeks ago I resigned my position as public affairs specialist for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Despite misstatements by critics and partisans, maintaining the chairmanship alongside this employment was not a violation of the Hatch Act. The ability of a federal employee to serve as county chairman has been upheld by the Attorney General as a protected and cherished right for all American citizens.

However, this position did provide critics with an opportunity to attack the Republican party and smear our good names with baseless accusations. I was once called “half a chairman” for the necessary restrictions in fund raising as a federal employee. I have always maintained that the Republican party is bigger than any one man, even the chair-man. “Half a chairman” just organized a finance committee that succeeded in raising the most funds in the recent past. Our opponents should take note. It reminds me of the old adage “be careful what you wish for.”

The only thing this campaign is missing is you. Your help is sorely needed – as a volunteer, as a phone bank operator, as a member of the sign crew, or walking door to door with our great candidates. Please call us at Republican headquarters, (732) 431-6664. I’m looking forward to your call.


Adam Puharic
Monmouth County Republican Committee


ambrosiajr said...

So, the republican candidates "have been walking since Memorial Day..." according to the little general. Yet, there was a quote from Comrade Puharic concerning a mailer sent out by the dems in July where he said... "It’s early," said Puharic. "It’s incredibly early. You’re talking about an attack mail piece that hit mailboxes on July 21st. What that tells me is they’ve done some polling and they’re scared."
So, lets see....the way I figure this is that the end of May is a hell of a lot earlier than mid-July. Does that mean that the reps have been running scared for a month and a half longer? Or is Comrade Puharic just talking out of both sides of his.... so to speak...mouth again. Just a thought. Fairly typical for the little tyrant.
Also, its amazing what a little prodding will do. I would imagine that someone pointed out the ethically challenged arrangement of a federal job and the fundraising ability of Comrade Puharic. Does anyone think that he resigned out of the goodness of his heart? Or that he would have resigned just because the impression of something fishy was giving fuel to the dems? I think not. I think he finally got the word that its one or the other. Its amazing what a little law will do for you.
Oh, yeah....Cantor, that's his name....I didn't know. Does he have an invisible cloak or something? Does anyone ever see him...
and once again, I will not be anonymous...

Anonymous said...


You're so full of s*** it isn't even funny. You had to quit your job because you continued to fund raise even though you weren't supposed to.

As for "raising the most money in recent history", I guess you mean since you became chair because far more money was raised under Niemann AND Dowd. So I guess you are right, you outdid your poor performance from last year. Whooopppeee!

Now go home and watch your candidates get crushed.