Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mike Howell endorses Kim Guadagno for Sheriff

Michael Howell
Howell, NJ 07731

August 13, 2007

It with a sense of great honor and pride that I offer my personal endorsement to Monmouth County Sheriff Candidate Kim Guadagno.

After having an opportunity to speak with Kim on a number of issues recently, I feel that she is the only logical choice to further enhance the great strides made in the sheriffs department by outgoing Sheriff Joe Oxley, and is certainly the obvious choice for the residents of Monmouth County.

Her background as a state and federal prosecutor as well as her forward thinking concerning the use of the 287g program will make Monmouth County a safer place for all of us to live and work. Enacting the 287g program will allow corrections officers working with federal authorities to gain necessary resources and the authority to immediately determine the immigration status of an inmate.

If this program had been in place statewide, it would have kept individuals like the “Fort Dix Six” and at least one of the alleged assassins of the three Newark college students off the streets. If we can’t get the state to implement this program, I ask that you help elect Kim Guadagno so that she can put it in place here.

As someone who was elected to office as an Independent, I do not have a “party duty” to endorse any particular candidate but instead, have the freedom to endorse the individual who I believe will do the best for all the residents of Monmouth County. I hope that you will join me in voting for the best candidate for Monmouth County Sheriff on November 6. That person is Kim Guadagno.

Respectfully yours,
Councilman Mike Howell (I)
Howell Township

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Teddy Roosevelt said...

i was disappointed when Joe Oxley decided not to run.

However Kim Guadagno deciding to run for sheriff chased away my blues. We could not ask for a better candidate. She has impeccable qualifications. Much better then a police chief from a two bit shore town.
She is obviously a savvy politician.
She has a very strong law and order platform. Her political history would strongly suggest she is her own person. She ran against the powers that be to win her seat in Monmouth Beach.

Anonymous said...

um... slow news day?????

Anonymous said...

Mike who?