Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Judging by the boost in traffic yesterday when I posted only very late in the day, I'm guessing readers came to see what I had to say about the lead story in the Asbury Park Press - Adam Puharic leaving his job with the Department of Homeland Security. Sorry to disappoint.

I find the Adam situation disturbing on several levels. For him and his family on a personal level I'm concerned. If what he says is true, that he has had the good fortune of having good jobs, making good investments and can afford time off and maybe go back to school, good for him. But I have to wonder. With a young family to educate, what seem like good investments in your thirties may not look like much when the college tuition bills, the kids, not his, are due. If the Puharic estate was on the Navesink instead of behind a strip mall in Aberdeen, I'd be more apt to believe this spin.

But spin it is and I don't believe that Adam doesn't have a job lined up. He's had three good jobs in the fourteen months he's been chairman. He's practiced at this.

"Half a chairman" is very good at telling half the truth. In his wireside announcement to the county committee he said he had resigned his job three weeks ago. Probably true, but it left the reader with the impression that he stopped working for the Feds three weeks ago. In the paper we read that he still works there until this Friday.

The rumour mill has him going to work in the insurance business, in either Spring Lake or Wall. Either is a better commute and a nicer place to work than Newark. Whatever he does, I hope he finds a lucrative and fulfilling career.

On a political level, that the Asbury Park Press chose to make Puharic's employment situation its lead story of the day, and to place it along side the most damaging and juicy part of the Bid Rig series so far, further confirms my suspicion that an all out assault on the Monmouth GOP is coming in September and October. Guadagno, French, Clifton and Cantor may be on the ballot, but Bid Rig sentences, Puharic, Barham and Carton will dominate the headlines. Watch. Did you notice the mention of the late Keyport councilman's relationship with the county clerk in the Bid Rig series?

The assault is going to be relentless.


ambrosiajr said...

And why shouldn't the assualt be relentless. The way the republicans have dominated the county with patronage, cronyism, and corruption for the past 20 years needs to be told over and over again. We need new direction and new members of the board. When you continue to have Malcolom Carton do whatever he feels like, and Freeholder Barham cozying up to B. Harvey Construction, and Burry, a real estate broker, on countless open space committees, and Clifton being a puppet for Puharic with the bogus pay to play ban, then why shouldn't all of that come out in the press.
We can't afford them anymore. We can't afford to have republican mayors given $140K a year jobs just because they played nice with the county party. Its time to stop this cycle. I hope the press does an article every single day concerning the republican commiittee and the republicans running for election for the board of freeholders. It needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

Face it...

Anna Little LOST and McMorrow acts like a republican. It is sour grapes to blame it on Puharic.

ambrosiajr said...

There's that anonymous thing again....put your name to your thoughts coward.
Would you be giving him the credit if he had won the seat last year? If so, then you should give him the blame for losing...
Anna Little didn't lose...she was tossed under the bus by Comrade Puharic for not buckling under his iron fisted handling of the candidate search. The little tyrant had a sure winner with Anna, yet chose to go with a gopher(Clifton) and a nobody (is it Cantor?). He's the best thing to happen to the democrats in a long, long time...we certainly don't want to see him go anywhere...he's been great for fundraising and morale...and he's the poster boy for how you should never run a county party...ya gotta love it!