Thursday, August 02, 2007

State leaders missed the boat

Our fuzzy-faced governor has demonstrated he has no respect for anyone not having his economic status. Gov. Corzine used his personal fortune to pay for his campaign for the Senate, where he got bored and then bought his way into becoming our governor. He seems to feel he can buy his idea of selling off two of New Jersey's major assets, the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike, to fund his inability to creatively manage the state's finances. Our elected representatives just sit there pontificating and showing the creativity of amoebas.

Our elected state representatives appear to be cowering in the light of all of this economic power. All I have to say is, fire them all. Our governor has proven to be a fraud. Our elected representatives had more than 50 years to fix the economic problems of New Jersey, yet they maintain the status quo. They have no respect for any of us who have to justify our existence every day.

Corzine will survive with his millions. When he gets bored with New Jersey, he can buy a small country and do what he pleases. The rest of our elected officials know they will get pensions that will rival that of any person who has to work for a living.

Thomas J. Kesoilts


A letter to the editor, published in the Asbury Park Press, 8/2/07

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