Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Will there be a choice this fall?

With a mid-term election on the horizon and a restless if not angry electorate, the minority party should be poised to make significant gains, if not to take over the legislature. We saw the minority party do just that on a national level last year. Will it happen in New Jersey this year?

We've had six years of massive spending, tax and borrowing increases. The governor is proposing a borrowing scheme, called monetization, that will make the excesses of the last six years look prudent.

The fastest growing groups in New Jersey are state workers and gangs. Illegal immigrants who have already been indicted for child rape are free to roam the streets and execute college students.

Two State Senators are indicted and a third is the target of a grand jury investigation.

No wonder New Jerseyans are leaving the state at a clip of 70,000 + per year.

Where is the opposition? Where is the outrage? Where is the leadership? What is the alternative?

Who is calling for a reduction in state spending? Who is calling for a rational, equitable, "thorough and efficient" education funding? Who is proposing solutions to illegal immigration and gang violence?

Who has the fortitude to take on the state workers' unions and the teachers' unions?

Do we have an opposition party in New Jersey?

This upcoming election should be a slam dunk for Republicans. The Republicans should be swinging for the fences. Yet, with only 4 seats needed to take the Senate, the Republicans have forfeited 4 seats and are playing small ball statewide.

Michael Shapiro of Shaptalk suggests we need a third party. While that might be a good idea nationally, in New Jersey it would be good if we had two show up.


Trevanian said...

Interesting developments in Manalapan. It seems Adam Puharic's personal choice for defeat this November, Caroline Casagrande, is making news in Manalapan where she serves as township attorney. For the last twenty five years, the township attorney has always itemized their bills, matter by matter, item by item. Not Caroline. It turns out she gives a summary for each day, which makes it impossible for the township committee to determine how much time she spent doing any particular task. In other words, she can't be supervised as to her billings. Republican Committeewoman Susan Cohen pointed this out, but Andrew Lucas (last year's huge freeholder loser who has since joined forces with the Democrats) and the two democrats approved her bills any way. Why? Because Caroline and THREE OTHER LAW FIRMS are billing the township for a bogus lawsuit against a former township attorney, a lawsuit that is about to be thrown out. But in the meantime, three law firms who are huge democratic campaign contributors, including Daniel McCarthy whose firm currently houses democratic evil wizard Norman Kauff, are soaking in taxpayers funds from this bogus lawsuit and turning them over to the democratic campaigns. Caroline is using her billings to maneuver those funds into her own quixotic campaign. This is the sham of the year. Thanks Andrew Lucas, for screwing the republican party TWO YEARS in a row.

Anonymous said...

If the lawsuit is bogus then (a) why did Manalapan pursue it, and b) why didn't the judge throw it out? Guess it isn't so bogus after all...

Honest Abe said...

The Democrats have an evil wizard???

Anonymous said...

Whether it is bogus or not, it is funny that in this case the township decides to go to court and spend our tax money to their favorite contributor/supporters and when the police suit occured, it too was frivolous but yet the township decided to settle out of court because it was more economical. Something truely smells. Caroline, please step aside. You are a waste.

Anonymous said...

if you read the Asbury Park Press (a newspaper, not the democratic press releases that Kathy Baratta reprints with her byline, just like she did in Howell), you'll see that the Judge wanted the attorney to file a Motion to Dismiss, not an Order to Show Cause. He said he couldn't grant an Order to Show Cause because there was no "irreparable harm" since the attorney who was sued by Manalapan can go after them for attorneys fees, costs of litigation, defamation and a bunch of other things. We'll see what happens if the attorney files a motion to dismiss. It's pretty clear though, that the case is bogus. The attorney they sued followed a court order. They never sued the attorneys responsible for the court order in the first place. You can't get more bogus than that.