Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another Fed Up Democrat

Jersey Boy, a Blue Jersey blogger, writes that he's losing faith in Jon Corzine and will vote for Bill Baroni in the 14th Senate race because of Baroni's call for a special legislative session to enact real government reform NOW. Jersey Boy says he might even vote for a Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2009. He isn't the only one.

Why wouldn't the Democrats be demoralized after a summer that gave us record setting spending, bogus property tax reform, bogus ethics reform, more of Carla Katz and her family running the government, asset monetization, illegal immigrants executing college students in Newark, Senatorial indictments and Broken Boards Busts?

Apparently Republicans are demoralized too. Their message is "the Democrats are bad" and "our bogus property tax reform will be 10% higher." They are not even trying to win.

Here is some inspiring rhetoric from Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance to the Associated Press:

"It has become fashionable to say that there is little difference between the parties," "There is a real distinction between Republicans and Democrats regarding campaign finance and ethics reform.''


Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce noted that Orange Mayor Mims Hackett, Jr was chairman of the Assembly committe that weighs ethics reform.

Will somebody please give these guys a Red Bull?

If Alex DeCroce and Leonard Lance can not or will not seize this opportunity and lead the charge by giving New Jersey voters a real alternative to the status quo, GOP Chairman Tom Wilson should gather the caucuses and candidates and demand that they elect new leadership NOW.

Potential U.S Senate and Gubernatorial candidates past and present should hit the campaign trails, airwaves, mainstream and Internet media calling for a new state legislature to reform our government and save our state from the Corzine/Katz/Goldman Sachs cabal.


Joe Wedick said...

Hey, let's not forget the major initiative to relieve us of the stress of having more than one license plate on our car.
Thank god we can sleep well knowing that corrupt politicians will have their workload cut in half as they produce them (plates) in prison.

Art Gallagher said...

Good point Joe!

Welcome. Nice blog. I gave you a link.