Wednesday, September 19, 2007

D'Amico praises the crumudgeonly counsel

Democratic freeholder candidate John D'Amico praised the work of sassy solicitor Malcolm Carton, in a APP article today wherein Republican candidate Jeff Cantor bashed the petulant pettifogger's insubordination towards Freeholder Anna Little.

While Adam Puharic might be surprised to see a pro-Republican posts on a blog, I am equally pleased that the message this blog has espoused with regard to term limits and a rotational directorship, and Honest Abe's message about Miserly Malcolm and John D'Amico have made their way into the Republican campaign.


Anonymous said...

So now the Democrat campaign for freeholder is :
1) use taxpayer dollars to build a nice new jail;

2) against term -limits

3) must not touch or upset Malcolm.

Sounds like there are Good ole boys in the Democrat party.

Honest Abe said...

Miserly Malcolm. ROFLMFAO