Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jon Corzine = Jim McGreevey II ?

The Ridge Nightfly makes a good argument that things are "Democrats as usual" in Trenton, and that the Corzine adminsitration is a redux of the McGreevey administration.

I think Mr. Nightfly is being generous. Corzine is much worse than McGreevey, and potentially far more dangerous to New Jersey's economy and quality of life than Reverend Jim ever would have been.

Certainly there are similarities. Both are compulsive liars. McGreevey was much better at it, and understandably so. Both betrayed their familes in a quest for political power. Both have been dominated by former extra-marital love interests.

However, Carla Katz's influence is much more damaging than Gordon Cipel's ever could have been. The excesses granted to state workers and pensioners will be a drag on our economy for generations.

Both Corzine and McGreevey proposed to borrow billions of dollars without voter approval. McGreevey got away with it..once, before the Supreme Court said "Just this once." Corzine wants to do it through a shell entity with independent borrowing authority that will not require voter approval under the state constitution and Supreme Court rulings, or so he hopes. His agenda is far more ambitious and will cost future generations tremendously.

It's really a shame that the NJ Republicans are not trying to stop this by making a serious effort to win control of the legislature. If the Democrats retain control, and they probably will, they will give Corzine what he wants, despite their campaign rhetoric to the contrary. Just like they gave in to the sales tax increase in exchange for "Christmas Tree" appropriations, it will be "Democrats as usual in Trenton." Bought and paid for with your tax dollars.

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Anonymous said...

Real funny is how McGreevey is claiming poor now. Saying his new gig in working in Child Care doesn't enough to help out his wife. Very nice of The Learning Experience to help him hide his cash...themselves not being without issues.