Monday, September 03, 2007

No Choice for Change: NJGOP=Democrat Lite

As the campaign season kicks off with all 120 legislative seats at stake, New Jersey's Republican leadership is offering voters the same old tired message that has been rejected at the polls before.

Reading Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance's and Assembly Minority Leaders Alex DeCroce's comments in Joe Donohue's election analysis in the Star Ledger today put me to sleep.

Voters rejected the message of a 30% property tax reduction in the last statewide election. What has changed that makes this a winning message now? $2.2 billion in proposed spending cuts? Sorry, the math doesn't work. Besides, state spending has increased $11 billion since the Democrats took control. Why only $2.2 billion in cuts?

Where is the plan for a school funding formula that is equitable and works?

Where is the plan to end eminent domain abuse?

Where is the plan to deal with illegal immigrants?

Where is the plan for Initiative and Referendum?

Where is the plan to reduce the size of the state payroll?

Where is ethics reform with teeth?

Who is going to stop Corzine from borrowing billions against the future revenue of tolls roads and raising tolls 150%?

The current Republican message is "We'll do the same thing the Democrats are doing, but we'll give 10% more of your property taxes back." Will that message sell as voters are cashing their rebate checks? Not likely.

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Honest Abe said...

Democrats Lite. A low - down, dirty shame.
I wrote a post on this topic back in April, and I hoped that there would be some positive activity from NJGOP to that end. I wrote:
Having a strong set of statewide issues on which to run is a powerful start.
...If we strongly state what we are for, rather than meekly what we're against, we can do this.

To win on the state level, we need to be revolutionary. I fear that, once again, our party is guilty of showing up to a hockey game with golfing gear.