Friday, September 21, 2007

Occupying Two Offices in Fair Haven

This is ridiculous.


mike halfacre said...

What is ridiculous, the interference with local operations attempted by the judiciary? Or the victory by a small town against the Bureaucracy?

This is a good thing for our small towns.

Art Gallagher said...

Hi Mike,

Nice blog. I gave you a link.

What is ridiculous is the actual interference by the judiciary.

That you had to spend the legal fees to argue this, and that you now have to spend the money to set up two offices is nuts.

You are to be commended for fighting the lunacy and getting the best deal you could.

mike halfacre said...

oh, okay then. You were starting to get my dander up.

mike halfacre said...

Thanks for the link

Art Gallagher said...

mike halfacre said...
You were starting to get my dander up.

I hear I have that effect on some people.