Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Pay to Play diversion

Steve Lonegan on Pay to Play

Steve Lonegan's piece on Pay to Play, published on, is right on the mark. I encourage all to read it.

Here are some highlights:

"The push for these “pay to play” laws comes from these beaten down and defeated politicians on one side, but also from another side as well: millionaire politicians who can fund their own campaigns, liberal newspaper editors who believe they are the only ones with a right to self-expression, and labor union bosses who are always exempt from whatever laws are passed."

"New Jersey’s biggest political diversion is the “pay to play” mantra of politicians desperate to avoid the tax issue and Republicans have totally fallen into the trap. With the highest property and sales taxes in the country, the worst income tax, and the fastest growing debt in the nation, Trenton has proven dangerous even for many Republicans."

1 comment: said...

Looks like Steve read my column from years back about this. I think you posted the whole column here last year.

Finally. A conservative with enough guts in NJ to act like one.