Saturday, September 15, 2007

What is in those secret emails?

Secret Email conversation.... written by an anonymous poster on Bob Ingle's blog.

Boss Karla: But Jon, You can't charge these people for Health Insurance, It will make me look bad... And If I look bad... Then you will look bad. because you know what I can tell them about you...

Corrupzine: Well Sweetie, I helped you out with quite a bit of pocket change, I need you to help me look better to "Joe-SixPack" out there.

Boss Karla: Well you know how 'huge' your ego is... You don't want me saying anything about how small some things are. and My children are going to be in the system someday and they will need to have the taxpayers take care of them.

Corrupzine: Well they will.. So here's what we do.....We let them negotiate the health insurance issue at the table. The union will get the raises. The people will think that we are cutting back by having state workers contribute to their health insurance. Then, when it comes time to finalize the contract, I will flip-flop and give the free health coverage back...

Boss Karla: Oh Corrupzeen, You are so smart... Well if you do that, I won't make any negative statements in public about you. And don't forget about paying the kids tuition, like you said you would!

Corrupzine: It's all Bait & switch, My dear... I didn't get this rich by not 'duping' people!

Boss Karla: And I have learned so much from you... I am getting very popular too you know. My name is in the paper everyday.

Corrupzine: Yeah Boss-honey, I got your behind!!! LOL

Boss Karla: Not Anymore, But I do have your Balls! ROTFLMAO

Corrupzine: Yep.. But I have 'Executive-Privilege'!!!
And a big Chopper. Wanna ride my whirly bird?

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