Saturday, October 20, 2007

Arousing development in Long Branch

photo linked from APP

Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider is very excited about the new development at Pier Village, but his is upset that no one from the Governor's office came to the ground breaking. He liked that Jim McGreevey came to the last one.

The new buildings will be erect by the end of 2008.


the inside airbather said...

This is so arousing! I'm even more excited than the mayor! I cant wait till the bldg's are erect! Do U think Jim McGreevy will come?

Kisses, Lisa

Dolores Fienbottom said...

Dear me, this is something an ex-president or Seceratary of State would never post.
How Shameless!

William A. Newell said...

Adam Schneider is un-American. His eminent domain abuse has made Long Branch a national disgrace.
It's fitting that McGreevey showed up to his groundbreaking. Birds of a feather...