Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cool it. There is no basis to the rumors

Rumors are running rampant throughout Monmouth County Republican circles that Rastaman has been identified and that he or she is a close relative of a high ranking elected official. The rumors are false.

Attorney Tom DeSeno, who is pursuing the identity of the blogger known as Monmouth Rastaman told MoreMonmouthMusings that the identity has not been confirmed. "There are 300 billion people on the planet and they are all suspects," DeSeno said. "Any speculation as to the actual identity is no more than a guess."

DeSeno said that he was a day or two away from finding the identity of Rasta. "When someone is wrongfully accused of being one of these anonymous bloggers, it can do great damage. It is very difficult to disprove a negative. I am not going to speculate."


ambrosiajr said...

This is why I always use my real name. If you are afraid of what you are saying, and have to be anonymous, then you shouldn't have the right to say anything. I think that all anonymous posters are cowards who wouldn't say to your face what they say hiding behind a false name. You need to be able to take the heat for your comments, as I do, and will continue to do.

ambrosiajr said...

...and even have them censored once in a while, just to keep you clean and honest:)

De Seno & Kunz, LLP said...

I said 6.5 Billion people on the planet , Gallagher!!!

Have to buy you a new tape recorder ;-).

Alyssa Passeggio said...

I think it is interesting that Rasta's blog is no longer open to the public. Maybe Rasta is nervous?

Dan Gallic said...

You may find my post on this subject interesting.