Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hill vs Guadagno on Politicsnj

Hill Video

Guadagno Video


Teddy Roosevelt said...

Good Job Kim.
If she looses it will be a crime. (pun intended) The Job is more administrative then law enforcement. In fact it is more legal then law enforcement because of the civil legal jobs the sherrifs office handles like service of process and foreclosures.
Hill is the chief of police for a two bit shore town. There is nothing in his background that even remotely prepares him for this job.
Considering the legal issues his department is dealing with I would say there us a question as to wether he is qualified for the job he has.

Anonymous said...

I agree with TR. I would worry that Kim Guadagno might lose over the misconception of what the Monmouth County Sherrif does. I think she may lose votes because she is a woman and people have difficulty picturing a woman as sherrif because they see the position as more of a law enforcer who carries a badge and a gun. Because of that perception those who don't have an issue with her gender may vote for Hill because he is a police chief, i.e. a law enforcer, and she is not.

The job is definitely more administrative than enforcement and I think she's much more qualified in that regard.