Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gallic resigns job over blog flap

The Trentonian is reporting that former Monmouth GOP Executive Director Dan Gallic has resigned his position as economic development coordinator in Robbinsville because of a joke, that some found racially offensive, that he posted on Conservatives with Attitude. Gallic has also resigned as a contributor to Conservatives with Attitude.

The Trentonian article reporting Gallic's resignation also repeated the joke.

Dan was not accused of breaking any laws or doing anything improper. In my opinion, the joke is not racists, and the controversy about it is what is most offensive.


Son of Liberty said...

Eric Sedler said...

I think if anything the lesson is if your salary is paid for by the taxpayers, you should never blog or blog under another name with no link to who you actually are. I also think campaign officials/employees should do the same.

If I were to end up working on campaigns or working for the state/legislators/etc., you would see the complete disappearance of me.

Enlighten-NewJersey said...

It’s hard to believe Dan had to resign his position over this, but this is the socialist republic of NJ. One is never supposed to point out the obvious destructive aspects of the welfare state. This whole affair is more than disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Well the quoted Dan Gallic as saying “Someone forwarded this to me, enjoy:” then Dan Gallic claimed he hadn’t read the parable before posting it on the Internet. That it was not meant to offend anyone. How can you offer something to someone to enjoy if you have not enjoyed the racist story yourself? How was it not meant to offend anyone if Dan Gallic did not read it. I say Dan lies.