Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another Corzine scam

Small and smart municipalities throughout New Jersey have been scrambling to save tax payers money for several years by sharing services with neighboring communities. As the cost of government and state mandated services and expenditures has increased, so has the effort to share services.

By eliminating state aid to municipalities with populations less than 5,000, and cutting aid to towns with populations less than 10,000 beyond the bone, Corzine is taking that saved money away to spend in Trenton.

He needs to cut more in Trenton. When the unions and lobbyists are screaming louder than the small town mayors, we'll know that spending in Trenton is really coming under control.

I am not opposed to consolidating muncipalities. If done right, such consolidations should yield significant savings over time. But there needs to be more pain on State Street than there is on Main Street.

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