Friday, March 07, 2008

Pennacchio Wins Big in Bergen


HACKENSACK, NJ – State Senator Joe Pennacchio won tonight's Bergen County Republican Convention by an overwhelming vote of 351 to 79.

Since last week's victories in Hunterdon and Union Counties, Joe Pennacchio's campaign for United States Senate has continued to gain momentum. The Middlesex County Republican Screening Committee endorsed Joe Wednesday night.

As organizational and rank-and-file support continue to build, Republican voters throughout the state are embracing Joe Pennacchio's conservative message of lower taxes, less government, and individual liberty.

Joe Pennacchio is a New Jersey State Senator representing the 26th Legislative District.

Visit for more information on Joe Pennacchio's candidacy for the United States Senate.

If Pennacchio keeps this up and the RNC and other Estabrook supporters enter another candidate, that "establishment candidate" will be in the unusual position of running off the line in many counties for the June primary.

The Draft Kyrillos blog has been reactivated.

Rudy Giuliani has not declared his candidacy. The phone at his JoinRudy08 campaign headquarters has had a busy signal since the week after the Florida primary.

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