Thursday, March 06, 2008

Question of the day

Could Bob Franks win the GOP U.S. Senate nomination if he entered the race today?

I think he could.


Teddy Roosevelt said...

Great idea another "moderate" recycle. NOT.
Besides at least Lousenberg does not support the toll scheme.


BTW who is the guy in the middle.
He looks like an old Mafiosa.

Art Gallagher said...

BTW who is the guy in the middle.

That is the late Jirair Hovnanian(6/9/27 - 8/14/07),

Anonymous said...

Franks would have to get past the absolute albatross of backing Corzine's toll hike plan.

Anonymous said...

What was that porn star's name again?

Anonymous said...

Classic. Franks was the guy the state party try to sneak into the Gubernatorial nomination in '01. Bret Schundler was beating DiFrancesco so the party pushed back the primary to give Franks a chance to beat Schundler. And it still didn't work. Now he's pushing Corzine's toll hike.

This guy is the poster child for what's wrong with New Jersey and he could end up being our nominee for the Senate?

I'll vote for the porn star over him. At least when she's screwing someone, there's entertainment value.