Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sabrin calls for Wilson's resignation

Will run his own slate of convention delegates and office holders in June Primary

Jersey City, March 5 – New Jersey conservative Republican leader Dr. Murray Sabrin, the Garden State's strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom, announced the creation of an independent Slate of Delegates for the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. The Delegates and other Republicans running on Dr. Sabrin's line will run under the slogan, "Constitutional Republicans protecting the Liberty Platform" on Primary Day, June 3, 2008. In addition to this announcement, Dr. Sabrin called on the New Jersey Republican State Chairman, Tom Wilson, to step down immediately.

Dr. Sabrin stated, "We need to rebuild the Republican Party in New Jersey from the ground up and that process begins by agreeing on simple principles. We will select Delegates to the GOP Convention who will not embarrass the rank and file Republicans by pushing their liberal philosophy and attacking the conservative platform Ronald Reagan won on. The five primary conditions for any Delegate running under the ‘Constitutional Republicans protecting the Liberty Platform' are 1) support the Pro-Life position, 2) support the 2nd Amendment, 3) opposing amnesty for illegal aliens, 4) support making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent, and 5) reforming U.S. monetary policy. I am asking George Ajjan to Chair my Delegate Selection Process."

George Ajjan stated, "We are in the process of fielding every delegate and alternate delegate with Constitutional Conservatives. In addition, we will be filling every ballot position with rock solid Republicans." Anyone interested in participating as a delegate, alternate delegate or running for office should contact George Ajjan directly at the campaign office (201-332-3422).

Dr. Sabrin continued, "The Chairman's recent words and actions during this campaign have highlighted the lack of leadership at the top of the Republican Party in New Jersey. Tom Wilson should immediately step down as Chairman before he causes any more harm to this fragile political party. I am asking Joe Pennacchio to join with me in asking for his resignation. We need a strong conservative like Assemblyman Mike Doherty to guide the GOP while we begin this rebuilding process." Dr. Sabrin also asked Joe Pennacchio not to run with any delegation who doesn't support the Republican Platform Ronald Reagan won on.

The New Jersey Republican Party is a laughing stock among the National Republican Party for trying to insert pro-abortion language into the National Republican Platform.

Murray Sabrin is a retired successful entrepreneur working in commercial real estate, portfolio management, and economic research. Murray is an author, TV and radio commentator, and Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Business and Public Policy at Ramapo College. He and his wife Florence of 39 years reside in Bergen County. For more information, please visit


Anonymous said...

Really? The two most important issues we face today are abortion and gun control?

He forgot to mention the part about keeping us safe from the Commies.

Being a fiscal conservative isn't enough? We have to go hunting and to church to be "rock solid Republicans?"

And now Joe Pennacchio has to decide if he's going to say no thanks to Dr. Sabrin and watch the professor siphon off some of the ultra-conservative votes or he could sign up with Dr. Sabrin, thereby proving he is not his own man and the two of them can go full steam ahead into the iceberg.

Here I was relieved when the bored millionaire dropped out of the race only to find out we're not right wing enough.

I am growing weary of Republicans who claim to carry the banner of Ronald Reagan. If they carry that banner any further to the right, they'll fall off the edge of this flat planet they seem to think we live on.

Finally, can we stop demanding people resign? If your cause has that much support, you'll be able to topple the respective chairman through more traditional means.


kevintheelder said...

lugar96 is wrong in his conclusion that we are going too far to the right. In reality, both sides continue to move further and further to the left, so much so that the Republicans of today would have been considered left on the Democratic ticket when I was growing up. Still, his comments are more in line with most man-in-the-street Republicans when it comes to our priorities. I've been a Conservative since before Goldwater and although we didn't like Roe vs Wade, that was not a priority 'political' issue. Though the right to bear arms is a real concern there is currently no real threat to elimate them.
I think that if you poll the average Joe and Joan, you'll find that their biggest gripes will in TAXES, monies taken from them by an unrependant government, and a real concern about illegal aliens, and now the rising costs of everything stemming from the oil crisis. Unfortunately, most of us want more and want to spend less and until we're taught that can't happen, we'll be exploited by the press, the media and the politicians and the tax problem won't be solved until it flies in our face. Put in the Fair Tax (National Sales Tax) and eliminate ALL others, and by that I mean ALL. If we make $1000 a week, we'll take home $1000 a week, where we now probably take home $600. Then when we go to buy a TV for $1200, we end up paying $800 tax!!! It is the same either way, but when people finally see those taxes taking right out of their hands, I think there would be screams for a major overhaul in our Government spending.
As far as the illegal aliens, I think every thinking person in America (and yeah, this includes the few Dems that actually think...j/k) realizes that if we simply punish those that hire illegals to the max, the problem is solved. If they can't get work here, they will return home. Then the govenment can raise the quotas if it's felt that more LEGAL aliens are necessary.
The oil/energy problem is not pleasant, but honestly, the Dems are the number one fault by making us be THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WORLD whose government will not allow exploration and drilling. However, even if and when that's changed, we're all going to have to come to grips with alternatives, what we are going to do, and that should be being discussed right now.

Val said...

Good comments!

These guys have all their priorities completely backward. No wonder. This priority list is what the Media and the politicians, even many Democrats, think is popular enough to get them elected (except, probably the tiny "brave" (5) on the list :) ).

Did you notice that after their 2004 defeat Democrats became "very religious"?

Well, even McCain is better on tax policies, at least before he is elected :) .

kevintheelder, I agree with almost all you wrote here, except with the suggestion to punish the employers for ... whatever.
This does SEEM the right way to go, but think what has to be done to implement this effectively?
Don't we have to create another Huge Governmental Agency at least as intrusive as IRS?

First, I think that this problems, however important it is, should not be among the first five priorities.

Secondly, there are some other ways to alleviate the problem of "illegals" some of which do not require even tiny changes in the low, nor new agencies to be created.
Despite the fact I don't consider this topic to be in the first five priorities, here are some of them:

The following two do not require any legislative changes:

(1) punish those illegals who break the law by stealing identities and/or forging the documents, which is a crime anyway;
(2) make it easier for the hospitals to go after the people who don't pay for the visits to the emergency room - after the visit; - this is depends on the traceability of the illegals - see (1)

These ones do require a move away from the socialism and the Big Daddy Government:

(3) eliminate the "minimal wage" which creates an dis balance of the supply and demand at the prices below the cap;
If some one does not like this, let him try to explain me why the "minimal wage" should not be, say, $100/hour

(4) eliminate as much welfare as possible, not only for illegals but for any one who can physically work - a positive effect of such measure for the society has been proven by the recent experiment "Welfare Reform"

These (4) and (1) will imply forbidding any state assistance to the illegals (if a private charity wants to do any of this - fine);

These are the obvious measures, I don't have time/space here to discuss the other more serious measures possible, some of which would sound "controversial" to some people :)