Friday, April 18, 2008

Real reform is possilbe.

Today's Daily Muse at points out money saving measures promoted by Democrats, particulary Senators Sweeney, Buono, and Lesinak, over the anticipated objections of the union's strongest advocate, Governor Corzine.

Sweeney and Buono are proposing reducing employee benefits and pensions, which InTheLobby points out have grown at three times the rate of debt service in the last 10 years. Corzine says the debt is what is crippling our state's finances.

As I pointed out earlier this week, there are prominent Democrats revealing that they do know where there is money to save. The question is, will they?

Not without the help of Republicans they won't. As the horse trading starts, the Republicans, lead by Tom Kean, Jr in the Senate and Alex DeCroce in the Assembly, have an opportunity to be relevant. A coalition of realistic and responsible Democrats and Republicans could actually produce a budget that starts the meaningful reform of our state spending.

Corzine will resist reducing union compensation and possibly shut the government down again over it. Let him shut it down for a month, but don't make it a free vacation for state employees this time. That will save $2.7 billion right there.

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ambrosiajr said...

Lets hope they can work together on this in a bipartisan manner and keep the BS to a minimum.

That would be just so refreshing.