Monday, May 05, 2008

Pallone not concerned about Hogan

Well, he's concerned enough to have done some checking into him.

Over the weekend a political activist told me that the congressman was amused by Hogan's characterization of Pallone as "a millionaire." Pallone reportedly said he wouldn't be in congress if he was a millionaire. This would explain why Pallone has repeatedly declined to risk his "safe" seat for a shot at the U.S. Senate. He needs the job.

Pallone as a file of "dirt" to use against Hogan, should he win the nomination, according to the source.



In reality, do you think any candidate in the position of Mr. Pallone would consider using 'dirt' against a challenger who is a total unknown?

From what I have seen, Mr. Pallone pretty much doesn't acknowledge GOP challengers. It's seemed to have worked so far.

Of course, the electorate needs to have all the information it can on all candidates. But, it's not like this is going to be some kind of showdown in the middle of the street.

I'd be more than happy to print positions by any candidate, but I think the very safe money here is on Pallone.

James Hogan said...

Good to see that Frank is already working on his negative campaign against someone who cares about the people of NJ rather than:
1) showing up at the public hearings to talk about the FEMA rezoning issue or the "BEMA" flood/disaster planning meetings.
2) keeping Fort Monmouth open so that thousands of people could have a "safe" seat at their job like he claims to have at his.
3) trying to get the pollution in the Branchport Creek/Shrewsbury River cleaned up.
4) working to keep providing federal funding to Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield or other hospitals, because the illegal immigrants that he represents are nothing but an expensive burden on our hospitals and are driving them broke and to closure.

In fact, my source tells me that Mr. Pallone's conversation with this activist went like this:
"We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!
" - Frank Pallone... or maybe that was Gov. Petomane in Blazing Saddles, the two are easily confused.

James Hogan

ambrosiajr said...

I liked the first three bullet points in Hogan's retort, but the fourth seems a little mean spirited. I guess being just a human doesn't count. You need to be an American to get help at a hospital. Too bad. Most of the points are right on.

And maybe its the insurance companies and the ever rising costs of malpractice insurance that drives up the cost to hospitals and what they have to charge just pay the hundreds of thousands in premiums.
But hey, insurance companies are a friend to the republicans, so I guess you should protect them at the expense of PEOPLE.

Art Gallagher said...

ambrosiajr said...

But hey, insurance companies are a friend to the republicans, so I guess you should protect them at the expense of PEOPLE

It would be interesting to see how much campaign cash Pallone gets from insurance companies. I bet Hogan doesn't get any.