Monday, April 27, 2009

Bill Pascoe:Lonegan Isn't Christie's Biggest Problem

Bill Pascoe has a fascinating analysis of the NJ GOP primary at CQ Politics.

"Running as a corruption-busting former U.S. Attorney just isn't likely to win a general election in New Jersey in 2009."

"Oh, one more thing -- the GOP primary really is a single-digit race."

"...Lonegan's message -- all taxes and spending, all the time -- is a more powerful message than is Christie's."


Anonymous said...

not that Pascoe's got much of a winning track record, but,yup.. another banner year, it is shaping up to be, at this rate!!..

Anonymous said...

what rock did this hack crawl back out from under?

Anonymous said...

Pascoe and Kozlov should team up as a new consulting team and call their company"Dead End Elections".Ruined Schundler,and burried TK.Yet in interviews they try to look and sound savy.Both Kozlow and Pascoe are LLLOOOOOOSSSSEEERRRRSSSSS!!!!Maybe Corzine will hire them,ever think about a Republican Trojan Horse,except with these two we would need to build a ten story Jack Ass not a horse.