Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Christie Interview, Part II

Part two of my conversation with Chris Christie is edited into two clips to accomadate YouTube's 10 minute rule.

In the first clip, I continue the moderate vs. conservative line of questioning by asking Chris if he would govern more like Tom Kean Sr or Ronald Reagan. His answer was skillful.

Then we addressed the Deferred Prosecution Agreements and the recent fuss that has been made about the DPA monitorship awarded to the prosecutor who investigated Christie's brother.

We ended the interview with a talk about matching funds and whether or not there would be enough money to beat Corzine in the general election.


Anonymous said...

art - spare the generality crap and be a journalist. "would he take a crap like clinton, blow his nose like abe lincoln"? where is the actual policy q and a? post an FAQ for folks who need the short story...thanks

Art Gallagher said...

I asked him those questions and he said yes to both. a placed to start your own blog.