Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's Get Real Gentlemen

My friends Michael Illions at Conservatives with Attitude and Matt Rooney at Save Jersey have been having on little ongoing tit for tat over which blog is more influential and who's candidate gubernatorial candidate is better.

As the "Dean of the NJ Conservative blogger caucus," a title Rooney gave me, I have stayed out of the conflict other than to joke about it.

Today I say, let's end it, but not before patting my own back.

Illions has made much of which blog gets more U.S. traffic as ranked by Alexa rankings are interesting and they flucuate daily. Today, CWA has a box that compares its traffic with Save Jersey:

United States Ranking

Conservatives with Attitude!: 493,474

Save Jersey: 742,061

Traffic data collected by as of 4/24/09

Well, guess what?! MoreMonmouthMusings' U.S. traffic is ranked today at 465,895!

I win.

Now, let's cut the crap and get back to work because all of our numbers pale in comparison to Blue Jersey's at 225,076.

Blue Jersey is kicking out collective butts just like the Democrats do every November in Camden and Middlesex.

Gentlemen: Each of our blogs have influence because of who our readers are, not because we are brilliant or good looking. There is too much important work to do for us to be bickering in public. There's one thing we can learn from the Democrats that will serve our party well: Win first and then fight.

We have a long way to go.

8 comments: said...

Where on Alexa do you find these stats? I got a whole different set of numbers when I searched the three of you.

Art Gallagher said...

You have to scroll down on the traffic page. There's a section that says what countries the traffic is coming from and the sites rank in each country.

100% of MMM traffic comes from the U S of A.

NFS said...

I enjoy reading all your blogs and appreciate the information, much of which is never reported in newspapers or the msm.

What worries me, living in a hardcore democrat county, is this is THE year that a republican can win the governorship if, as Marisa Tomei said in My Counsin Vinny, "you don't screw it up". Maybe she used the F word ...

Art Gallagher said...


I like your blog too. Listed you.

Baba O'Riley said...

Mike will never work with other Republicans, it's against his nature. He's all about fake story-lines and exaggerations, it's always the big bad establishment vs. him and the real "conservatives" (which is a different definition depending on the year.

Mike is the real baby, except he's a baby on steroids.

Lay off the juice Mike, it's really make you sound like an angry and bitter whacko. said...

413,503 said...

Michelle Malkin:


Suck it, Conservative Jersey Bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Blogger said...

Michelle Malkin:


Suck it, Conservative Jersey Bloggers!

I though DeSeno was an attorney?
This is how he expresses himself?!
Republican Party - look no further than within your own ranks to find out why you lost and will continue to lose. You are rife with bottom-feeders who have no class and worse - they don't know it.