Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monmouth U/Gannet Poll: Christie Beats Corzine. Lonegan Doesn't

Patrick Murray of Monmouth University released a new poll this morning that indicates that if the election was today Chris Christie would beat Jon Corzine. Corzine would prevail against Steve Lonegan.

Murray did not report numbers for the GOP primary. Both the Lonegan and Christie campaigns are acting as if the primary is a single digit race with Christie leading. The Democratic machine and the liberal media are convinced they can beat Lonegan in the fall and are doing what they can to boost his chances of securing the nomination over Christie.

Murray's poll indicates that by a wide margin, New Jersey voters want the candidates to address property taxes, even though they are cynical about the candidates' ability or willingness to actually impact the problem. Property taxes trumped the economy, jobs, education and health care as the issue NJ residents most care about.

The only bright spot for Corzine in the poll is Northern New Jersey, which Murray defines as Union and Morris counties and north. In this region Corzine leads Christie by 8 % and Lonegan by 12%. Corzine has a positive job approval rating, 46-43 in North Jersey. Central Jersey residents disapprove of his performance by a 22% margin. South Jersey residents disapprove by 20%.

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Anonymous said...

to be down to only a 4% difference, when Bozo hasn't spent one dime of his millions yet, tells me the electorate is numb ( and dumb), and aren't angry enough to throw the bum out,as with Florio..not good- warning:every Rep. running in Nov. better get out there on their own level, and beat the bushes for GOP turnout in the best districts: you ain't gettin' any help from Chubby's "coattails"!!