Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New TV Ad From Christie

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Today, Chris Christie's Campaign for Governor launches its latest television ad, entitled "Corruption."

"The momentum and support we've received in this race has allowed us to continue to build a campaign ready to win in June and November," said Bill Stepien, Campaign Manager. "Thanks to our strong fundraising, we have the opportunity to be advertising on television in an aggressive manner. We're able to supplement our top-notch groundgame with a similarly strong campaign on the airwaves to connect with voters and spread Chris's message of strong leadership and change to even more New Jerseyans."


Anonymous said...

Isn't this all he talks about? Can a one-trick pony really win a statewide race?

Chris said...

Anon 4:49 is right, 2 ads so far, and they're both on the same (and only) theme. Also, I could get better video quality if I'd film with my cell phone. Quite disappointed.