Thursday, April 23, 2009

Republican Sheriffs Endorse Christie

PARSIPPANY, NJ - All 11 of New Jersey's Republican Sheriffs today announced their endorsement for Chris Christie's candidacy at Veterans Memorial Park in Somerville. The eleven statewide Republican Sheriffs join the countless elected officials and municipal chairs from across the state in their endorsement of Christie.

"As US Attorney, Chris proved his dedication and determination through his tireless prosecution of child pornographers, terrorists, corrupt politicians, gang members, and human traffickers," said Morris County Sheriff Edward Rochford. "As governor, Chris will keep the fight going to fix Trenton with the same tenacity and honesty that he has demonstrated for the past seven years."

Chris Christie said, "I am honored by the support of these New Jersey Sheriffs who work each day to keep our communities safe. After working with me side by side for the last seven years, they know they'll have an ally in Trenton who will work with our law enforcement community to clean up our cities, reform our criminal justice system, and make New Jersey an even more vibrant and safe place to raise your families."


Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles

Burlington County Sheriff Jean Stanfield

Cape May County Sheriff Gary Schaffer

Hunterdon County Sheriff Deborah Trout

Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno

Morris County Sheriff Edward Rochford

Ocean County Sheriff William Polhemus

Salem County Sheriff Charles Miller

Somerset County Sheriff Frank Provenzano

Sussex County Sheriff Robert Untig

Warren County Sheriff Sal Simonetti

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Anonymous said...

sure do hope all this early bandwagon "elected" and "chair" support doesn't leave egg on their faces, and another divided party: btw, where is the state GOP "leadership", stepping in and saying that they encourage and expect ALL Republicans, the day after the Primary, to unite behind whomever wins: am still waiting for the promised Courter "unity" breakfast in '89, for God's sake!..unfortunately, am afraid it's looking as if we're going down the same losing path of divide-and-conquer on ourselves, and throw in $30 million from/for Bozo this year, and Heaven help us for 4 more miserable years-the whole state will wind up being a vast, Camden- wasteland!!