Friday, April 24, 2009

Timed Releases

Two polls released this week indicate that New Jersey voters have had enough of Corzine and are favoring former U.S Attorney Chris Christie to become our new Governor.

A Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday states that 54% of New Jersey voters disapprove of Corzine's performance and that Christie leads Corzine by a margin of 45-38. Christie's competitor for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, ties Corzine 41-41.

In the GOP primary match up, Christie beats Lonegan 46-37 among likely primary voters, according to Quinnipiac. Among all Republicans, Lonegan narrowed his gap from 21 points in the March Q poll to 15 points in the April poll.

A Strategic Vision poll also released on Wednesday shows Christie beating Corzine 47-36. The former U.S. Attorney crushes Lonegan 40-15 for the GOP nomination in this poll.

Not a bad showing for Christie. It would seem the innuendo campaign over Deferred Prosecution Agreements that alleged pay to play and a quid pro quo to keep Christie's brother out of trouble have not had a significant impact on the public's perception of Christie.

The left responded to these poll numbers by attempting to create another innuendo campaign. Yesterday, the ACLU issued a release of data obtained from the Justice Department via a Freedom of Information Act disclosure that showed that Christie's U.S. Attorney's office track 98 suspected terrorists via cell phones, resulting in 83 criminal prosecutions. The tracking was court authorized and did not require a judicial finding of probable cause.

The Star Ledger's headline for this ACLU release was ACLU says Chris Christie authorized warrantless cellphone tracking. That sounds like a scandal, until you read the article.

What the Star Ledger article didn't say was that the Justice Department's disclosure was made on December 31, 2008.

I wonder why the ACLU sat on this for four months. I wonder why the Star Ledger didn't ask them why they sat on it for four months.

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