Friday, May 29, 2009

Asbury Park Press Endorses Chrisite, Rips Lonegan's Specifics

In an lengthy editorial, the Asbury Park Press endorsed Chris Christie for the GOP nomination for Governor, and ripped apart Steve Lonegan's "specifics."

On Lonegan's program, the APP said:

"Lonegan has pledged to reduce the state budget from about $29 billion in 2009-10 — actually $31 billion if you include the $2 billion in one-time federal stimulus money — to $25 billion in 2010-11. That would require $6 billion in spending cuts to balance the budget — an amount roughly equivalent to the cost of running state government. About three-fourths of the state budget is expended on aid and grants to schools, municipalities and federal cost-sharing programs.

At the same time, Lonegan's proposed elimination of corporate taxes would deprive the state of another $2 billion in revenue. Even if he could get a Democratic-controlled Legislature to go along with his budget program — something that would never happen — his plan is totally unworkable. If he doesn't recognize that, he's a a fool; if he does but continues to insist it's doable, he's deceitful.

Asked at an editorial board meeting Tuesday to provide specifics about how he would reduce spending by $4 billion — let alone $6 billion or $8 billion — he repeated that he would eliminate three of the state's 16 departments and dramatically downsize a fourth. But he was unable to provide any specific numbers off the top of his head. He said he would have his staff e-mail the information to the Press later in that day. We're still waiting".

In other words, Lonegan doesn't have a plan. He has a sales pitch.

On Christie:

"Christie has offered some of the same medicine, but in a more realistic, temperate way. He understands the limitations of a Republican governor confronted with an entrenched Democratic Legislature. Lonegan apparently does not.

Christie's track record as U.S. Attorney demonstrates his ability to get things done — things his successors could not, or chose not, to do.

"Anybody but Corzine" isn't good enough on Tuesday. Christie represents the best opportunity for badly needed change in New Jersey."

Both Christie and Lonegan will be making appearances in Monmouth County during the final days of the campaign.

Lonegan will be in Atlantic Highlands this evening at Sissy's on the Harbor from 7pm-8pm.

Christie will rally with his supporters tomorrow morning, 11am, at Bachstadt’s Tavern, 8 Bray Avenue, Middletown. Then off to Wall, 1PM at the Glendola Fire House, 3404 Belmar Blvd.


Anonymous said...

Oh so now the APP is a paper we respect? What a farce. So what if the guy tries to cut $8,000,000 and comes up short. Anyone who doesn't think their is 6-8 million fat in the State budget don't know what they are talknig about. You could fire 1/4 of the State employees and wouldn't even notice they were gone. said...

All those who reject a flat tax please turn in your Republican credentials at the door.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you're right, and "justified" in being so, but it's just not gonna happen.. our poor kids..