Saturday, May 30, 2009

Christie: "Jon Corzine Can't Hide From Me After Tuesday"

Photo: Freeholder Candidate John Curley and Chris Christie on their way into their rally at Bachstadt’s Tavern

Addressing a crowd of about 200 enthusiastic supporters at Bachstadt’s Tavern in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown, Gubernatorial front runner Chris Christie declared that he was Jon Corzine's worst nightmare.

"Jon Corzine owns the NJ Democratic Party lock stock and barrel. He paid $100 million for it," Christie said, referring to the amount that Corzine spent to get elected U.S. Senator and Governor. "Now he wants to buy the Republican Party too. His friends in Washington have spent $1.2 million in negative attack ads against me, trying to keep Republicans from nominating me on Tuesday. It is not going to work."

Photo: Some dude with really hairy arms and legs, Sheriff Kim Guadagno, County Clerk Claire French and Matawan Mayor Paul Buccellato (background) cheer Christie's remarks

Christie told his supporters of an event in New Brunswick last night where both he and Corzine spoke. "Corzine did what he always does when we are scheduled to speak in the same room. He insists on speaking first and then runs out of the room before before I speak. Turn out the vote on Tuesday, and Jon Corzine won't be able to hide from me anymore."

Christie told the crowd, "Tuesday is looking pretty good night now, but we can't take anything for granted. We need to turn out the vote."

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Christie's been hiding from Lonegan.