Thursday, May 21, 2009

Christie's Answer

The Christie campaign released the above ad today which will run on New York and Philadelphia broadcast TV stations during the final days of the NJ primary campaign.

The ad is a response to the $900 thousand ad campaign by Washington, DC Democrats, The Mid-Atlantic Leadership Fund, which will also run during the final days of the campaign in an attempt to influence defeat Chris Christie and give Jon Corzine an easier opponent to run against in the general election.

"Clearly this is an effort to influence the Republican Primary. Jon Corzine may have bought the Democrat Party, but he will not buy the Republican Party,” is how Christie Campaign Consultant Mike DuHaime characterised the Democrats' ads.

The Freedom Defense Fund, a D.C. based group with ties to Lonegan, also announced that they would be running anti-Christie ads in the final days of the campaign. The FDF said their ads are scheduled to run over 1000 times during the last 10 days of the NJ primary campaign.

DuHaime said, "There is a peculiar alliance between Corzine, the Democrats, and Lonegan."

Christie Campaign chairman, Senator Joe Kyrillos, said that the negative ads would drive people to vote for Christie.


Anonymous said...

Christie shouldn't complain about negative ads. He's run more than his fair share.

stopthesocialists said...

Bull friggin crap anonymous 9:09. The Christie camp held off extraordinarily long in the face of Lonegan's repeated negative ads. What's he supposed to do, sit quietly while Lonegan falsely attacks him? Lonegan had spent nearly a million dollars on attack ads before Christie spent dollar one. I think Christie showed remarkable restraint.

Anonymous said...

stopthesocialists - I disagree with you. Christie was exposed for not having a plan for cutting taxes, expenses, etc. Lonegan is specific. That's why Lonegan closed the gap and Christie responded with attacks.

The problem you republicans have is that you can't take it when your platforms are challenged or contrasted with your opponent, even in a primary.

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

painful but very true, 6:53..