Friday, May 29, 2009

Corzine's Failures, Week 2

With the short week and the end of the month rush, I almost forgot that today is Friday and time for our new feature, Corzine's Failures

Every Friday until November 6 we will have a Corzine's Failures post that will include all the previously listed failures. November 6, 2009 will be the last day of the game when we enter the final entry: "Corzine failed to get re-elected."

Last week we got off to a good start with the following failures listed:

Corzine failed to sell our highways and increase tolls 800%

Corzine failed to reduce property taxes "40 in 4."

Corzine failed to ban the bikini wax.

Corzine failed to stop dual office holding as he was too busy being the master of half measures.

Corzine failed to keep the state open, literally.

Corzine failed to control excessive pork and Christmas tree spending, Chris Christie controlled it for him.

Corzine failed to attract jobs to New Jersey, outside of Government jobs.

Remember when Corzine wanted to close Nine State Parks because he couldn't figure out a better place to drop the ax? ... then COAH was looking for "vacant land" to build "affordable houses" on, hrm.

I'm not sure what Christie's plans might be for state parks, but it sounds like Lonegan is looking to build new state parks, maybe even one in Camden...

Corzine has failed at being accountable

Corzine has failed to disclose his emails with Carla.

Corzine failed to get his Katz her distemper shots.

I'll start this week off with the following failures:

Corzine failed to have any influence over the Democratic legislature. Codey and Roberts kept running the show, and half of the 17% sales tax increase went to "Christmas Tree Items."

Corzine failed to get Hillary Clinton nominated for President

Corzine failed to get a job in the Obama administration.

Please add to the list in the comments. Feel free to consult The Corzine Times for material.


Baba O'Riley said...

I don't need to consult that website..heh

Corzine failed at stopping the outward migration of New Jersey residents (in fact, He accelerated it greatly).

Corzine failed at keeping tution costs low for college students by cutting higher education funding at least twice.

Corzine failed to offer college students real tution relief, but had no problem offering it up to illegal immigrants.

Corzine failed to pass two ballot initiatives in 2007, one in 2008. He failed to secure more funding for stem cell research, despite a strong effort.

Corzine's motorcade failed to observe the speed limit.

Anonymous said...

what, there aren't any jobs left, 5mos. into our rapid descent into Marxism in this Admin., should Bozo's numbers keep sliding??.. how about "cyber-czar"?'t-run-"car-czar"?.. "Ambassador to Anywhere But Here"?..( oh, but,do leave your checkbook,so the DNC can put all their Hollywood millions into Virginia, the only other state up this year!)..folks,is it just a mere coincidence that I saw Gov. Codey and his wife on tv tonight, doing a concerned,helpful commercial, about women getting help for post-partum depression??.. again,please,Christie fans: what IS the "plan B," just IF he isn't running against Bozo??.. why won't anybody get out of the "cookie-cutter-rut," and think on more than one-track,for once?..when will we ever learn?..the ongoing stupidity and short-sightedness that keeps regurgitating from the NJGOP is simply astounding!..