Friday, May 22, 2009

Corzine's Failures

Corzine's Failures is a new MMM feature.

Every Friday, starting today, we will list Jon Corzine's failures. Everyone is welcome to add to the list. Each Friday I'll publish the cumulative list and we'll keep adding to it.

We'll do this every Friday until November 6, when we will list the final entry:

He failed to get re-elected!

Here's the beginning of the list:

Corzine failed to sell our highways and increase tolls 800%

Corzine failed to reduce property taxes "40 in 4."

Corzine failed to ban the bikini wax.

Please add your entries in the comments.


POP said...

Corzine failed to succeed at anything!

stopthesocialists said...

Corzine failed to get his Katz her distemper shots.

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie is enormous - over 300 pounds. If the guy can't control his weight, hows he going to control our spending?

Anonymous said...

Corzine has failed to disclose his emails with Carla.

NFS said...

Corzine has failed at being accountable

James Hogan said...

Remember when Corzine wanted to close Nine State Parks because he couldn't figure out a better place to drop the ax? ... then COAH was looking for "vacant land" to build "affordable houses" on, hrm.

I'm not sure what Christie's plans might be for state parks, but it sounds like Lonegan is looking to build new state parks, maybe even one in Camden...

Anonymous said...

Florio, McGreevey, Torricelli, Corzine. When will we voters every learn?

Baba O'Riley said...

Oh man..where to even begin:
Corzine failed to stop dual office holding as he was too busy being the master of half measures.

Corzine failed to keep the state open, literally.

Corzine failed to control excessive pork and christmas tree spending, Chris Christie controlled it for him.

Corzine failed to attract jobs to New Jersey, outside of Government jobs.

I'll save some for next week.

Anonymous said...

what about whitman and difrancesco they were just as bad as mcgreevey...and make no mistake - christine won't do anything about dual office holding either - he has too many friends in ocean county who are dualoffice holders (although carl block doesent have to worry about that)

Christie is a 350 pound joke. Him and Corzine are the exact same! At least with Corzine you know where he stands, Christine you don't.

Steve Lonegan is the only authentic candidate running.

stopthesocialists said...

Hey anonymous 3:59 - you just don't get it do you? A vote for Lonegan is a vote for Corzine's re-election. Steve has stupidly decided to attack the very people he would need behind him if he got the nomination. Not the sign of a great leader and coalition builder.

Anonymous said...

stopthesocialists - what does it matter when we have to deal with the lesser of two evils? Whitman was terrible! Kean wasn't much better? So what, we get Chris Christie back in there to ignore the problems so in 2013 Cory Booker and the Democrats can come back in there for years of more awful rule.

YOU just don't get it? Chris Christie is more of the same. He won't do anything about dual-officeholding or anything on any of the issues.

Tom Wilson is a f'n joke. Steve Lonegan is the only authentic choice.

Every poll shows Lonegan beating Corzine - and thats without the free exposure that Christie gets on Fox News. Lonegan will beat Corzine and he will be the beacon of hope to revive this Republican Party in NJ.

I am proud that people like Atlantic Highlands Mayor Fred Rast, Congressman Ron Paul & Assemblyman Mike Doherty have the courage to support Lonegan. He will win next week's primary and he will win the general election, as polls indicate. AFTER he is the nominee, he will get the attention, money and resources to win.

Christie is NO DIFFERENT than Corzine. He will kill the state GOP. Republicans never learn and this is our chance to make it happen.

What is the Chris Christie public service record?

Getting elected Morris County Freeholder, losing re-election in a primary then donating a lot of money to George Bush and getting appointed US Attorney - Doing select prosecutions, going after mayors and councilmembers who made $500 bribes while letting Todd Christie get away with murdger and giving Ashcroft a nice no-bid contract.

Christie will get slaughtered in June because he isn't authentic. And if by the rare chance he got elected, he wouldn't do anything different than Corzine. Maybe he won't sign the gay marriage bill, other than that - NOTHING!

stopthesocialists said...

Wow anonymous 5:59, did you write that last post before you went into the bunker, or after? Your blind devotion to Steve is admirable, but illogical. Steve is dropping in the polls faster than a pearl in Prell. In fact, it's just a question of how deep in the double-digits he will lose to Chris. And btw, there may have been one poll that had Steve beating Corzine by 1 point. And that's with the Democrats helping to fund Steve's attack ads.

Anonymous said...

Here is my commitment. No longer will conservatives be ignored by the Republicans. I'm tired of the way you Christie supporters belittle Lonegan. You have nothing bad to say about his record so you attack his supporters. We attack Christie's record and you sitll haven't said anything as far his seriousness on dual-officeholding and other issues.

I'm tired of the belittleing. So here's my committment, and i say this as a former elected official, if christie wins, I will support a third party candidate like Chris Daggett or someone. At least hes authentic and not full of crap.

And I will urge everyone I know to support a third party candidate...and maybe that may make Corzine the winner - but you know what it, it will finally teach the establishment GOP in NJ to take conservatives seriously.

stopthesocialists said...

You know what anonymous, as a dyed-in-the-wool conservative who agrees with Steve 90% of the time, I'm sick of childish, self-defeating, selfish, stubborn windbags like you who are de facto Democrat operatives and who put their own personal objectives over the good of their state. Steve has painted himself into an unwinnable corner by attacking his own with the "not conservative enough" jive. He is unelectable and there is a reason why the Democrats are helping to fund his attack ads. So go ahead, stupidly waste your vote on a third party candidate and recklessly help Corzine win re-election. So instead of helping us conservatives have a voice in governing New Jersey, you will ensure far left liberal policies for another four years. Instead of helping to revitalize Republicans across the country, you will help to embolden the far left Democrats. That will sure show us.

Anonymous said...

stopsocialists - your not a conservative so please don't disrespect actual conservatives and stop calling yourself that.

I will join thousands of others in supporting a third party candidate if Lonegan is not the primary winner - and finally the Tom Wilson Republicans will learn that we are the party of conservatism - Your Chris Christie Republicans did the same bailouts and wasteful spending that Democrats did. So don't give me your bs. Your no better than the Dems and Chris Christie is no better than the Dems.

The true blue Regan Conservative Republicans will be one day retake this party - until then, we will fight to defeat the cowards like Wilson, McCain, Christie, Decroce, Oxley and Bush who hijacked our party from people like Regan & Gingrich.

and wow still NO response about whether Christie will do anything about dual-officeholding? Or him donating his way to become US Attorney? or getting his brother out of all the deals.

In this entire conversation, you've attacked me and steve but have yet to address a single criticism of Christie.

We look forward to whooping Chris Christie by a good 10 to 12 points next week and we look forward to winning the general election with or without your shallow help.

stopthesocialists said...

People like you are so delusional, it's mindboggling. You are the poster child for everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. In your sanctimonious eyes, you are the gatekeeper of who is a conservative and who is not. This is exactly the path that Steve is taking and it is exactly the reason why he is driving people from his campaign, rather than attracting them to it. The very names you mention are people who simply haven't supported Steve. If they did, Steve would embrace them. Once again, it's all about Steve, not the greater good.

Anonymous said...

Corzine sure has failed to screw up NJ enough, to unite the wings of the broken GOP, as evidenced, here!..well, in case anybody's been in a coma for the past decade or so, to review: he won,(Sen. and now Gov., on his checkbook, alone) they own the state house, the jobs, the two legislative houses, the insane "NJ Supreme Court", most of the counties, (including ours), and, despite ruining city after city, own a majority of them,too!!..this venting- venue may help some get a few laughs at the D's expense, and keep from having a stroke, but it sure as heck doesn't make any sense to say this clown is a "failure", does it??.. if our jobs, investments and country were as big a "failure" as Mr. Corzine, I think we'd all be pretty damn happy about now!!