Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dem's Attack Ads Against Christie

From Politckernj:

The Mid-Atlantic Leadership Fund, a Washington-based organization with ties to Democrats, has purchased about $900,000 worth of New York and Philadelphia TV ads attacking GOP gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie. According to filings with the Internal Revenue Service, the political organization, which will not need to disclose their donors until July, is run by Sean Sinclair, a Democratic strategist who ran Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s 2004 re-election campaign.

Here's the ad:

WTF is Harry Reid doing screwing with the NJ GOP primary?

Here's another gem from Reid:

Call Harry Reid, 202-224-3542, and tell him he's an idiot. Tell him that just because New Jersey gave idiots the right to vote, doesn't mean we want him meddling in our primaries.


Anonymous said...

What Harry Reid dosn't understand is that the "Voluntary" portion of our system of taxation is related to "assessment" not payment. We "voluntarily" report what we owe, we do not have cpa's or IRS agents knocking on our doors like the middle ages collecting taxes they deemed we owe. We fill out our own tax returns which are deemed to be "voluntarily" filed. Our payment is mandatory and failure to pay is or can be criminal.

Anonymous said...

just wait: fully expect that the brownshirted, "volunteer" Obama-corps will soon have the door-knocking as a major task: they'll be coming to make us pay even more,as this insane,perpetual debt becomes due..

Anonymous said...

can you imagine what would have happened if a republican had said something that stupid?

Anonymous said...

and, can you imagine what would happen if a Republican Supreme Court nominee said anything as stupid as that woman did?..we're just done for- please go read on Drudgereport,the Friday article from Pravda, yes, Pravda, (that would be Russia, the Soviet Union, or whatever they call themselves, these days)saying how we Americans have allowed Marxism to be perpetrated with astounding rapidity, and mocking us for letting the Government ruin our capitalism and liberty.. that, people, trumps ANYthing else in out lives right now: forget all the petty nonsense, rise up, or it's over!..