Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Fat Lady Is Warming Up

The poll numbers released yesterday by Quinnipiac and Monmouth University/Gannett indicate that the miserable soap opera of a primary campaign is mercifully coming to an end.

Steve Lonegan's best hope to gain the GOP gubernatorial nomination is to pray for a blizzard on June 2 that keeps all but his most passionate supporters from the polls.

Christie's wide lead in the polls pretty much assures that a cavalry of cash will not come rushing to the Lonegan coffers for a last minute recovery. Even the Democrats million dollar attempt to derail the Christie nomination will be too little to late.

With a holiday weekend upon us, voters will be focused on honoring those who gave their lives for our freedom, parades, bar-b-que's and family, until Tuesday. There is effectively only a week left in the campaign.

The Christie campaign needs to turn out the vote. The Lonegan campaign needs a miracle.

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