Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free Venison

My Tax Dollars Not Working

I rarely use this blog to promote my personal concerns, but normal channels aren't working.

The tasty creature pictured above met its demise early Friday morning in front of my business on Route 36 in the Belford section of Middletown, the best run municipality in the State of New Jersey.

The Middletown Health Department tells me since my business is located on a State road that they have informed the State of Bambi's Bucky's demise. The nice lady wouldn't tell me who in the State or which department. Since it is now Saturday and the State is closed, I don't expect any State workers or contractors to take Bucky away until Monday or Tuesday.

Despite the recession, I have customer appointments set up for most of the day. There might even be some walk in traffic. It would be great if Bucky was gone before they arrived at 571 Route 36 in Belford, NJ.


Anonymous said...

John corzine eliminated deer removal from state budget two years only impacts the burbs, so once again he thumbed his nose at suburban taxpayers so he could give more money to the cities.

Anonymous said...

did you record the lcs.plate#..any wild animal road kill cannot be
removed unless authorized by the F&G to do so. Hence the person wanting to cover the animal knew it was illegal to remove. Also,having laid there on the road side for any great length would render it "not edible".