Saturday, May 09, 2009

How could I not plug this site?

There is a new web site covering New Jersey politics, media and all the news it can get to that the newspapers miss. will be bookmarked by all of us who love and hate New Jersey politics in short order, probably right after you finish reading this post.

Fred Driscoll is the dead Governor behind this site. Students of New Jersey history will know that Alfred E.Driscoll was the first Governor under our current constitution. He succeeded Walter "Wally" Edge in 1947. Both Driscoll and Edge were Republicans. New Jersey has not elected two Republican governors consecutively since.

The modern day Driscoll seeks to succeed Politickenj's Wally Edge, who has "lost his Edge" according to Fred, as the web pundit who breaks the stories and drives the agenda in NJ.

Driscoll's content and Freditorials are funny, irreverent and brutally honest. The site reminds me of Dan Jacobson's Tri-City News in its wacky style. The current lead story on TheStateOfNJ, about an email exchange between NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson and Rocco Riccio, will probably leave Wilson feeling about TheStateOfNJ the way former Red Bank Mayor Ed McKenna feels about Tri-City News. Not good.

Fred has keen insights into New Jersey politics. But the reason for this plug is his insights into the deminshing state of New Jersey's print media, especially this observation:

Speaking of Gannett, what happened to the once great Asbury Park Press? Reviews of recent editorials seem to indicate that the great blog MoreMonmouthMusings is driving its agenda. Honestly, read Art Gallagher for a while then wait a few days and you’ll read strikingly similar sentiments in the Press.

I don't know that that is so, but I like the sentiment.


Baba O'Riley said...

Reminds me of that old piece of crap site, Inside Bergen. The same ol bs about not having an agenda, when with the few posts they've published it's clear they do.

Heck, some of the writing style looks familiar, might be the same guy/guys.

PolitickerNJ has turned to crap, I agree with them on that. But they are not the ones who will be replacing them anytime soon.

You're just happy they gave you a good plug, and rightfully so. But I'm not impressed at all. Same old drivel from somewhere in North Jersey and same old frustrated and bitter conservative writing it.

Honest Abe said...

Read the Star-Ledger, then read the same article in the Press 2 days later.

Anonymous said...

This site is a lonegan sham site for the most part. sure it'll be defunct a week after the election. concept would otherwise be good as politicsnj is no longer what it used to be. said...

Why does he link MoreMonmouthMusings and CWA but not that other NJ Conservative Blog that has the higher Alexa rating? :-)

Anonymous said...

There is no question that an alternative to polickernj is required. There was a time the site was worthwhile, before it was bought out by Lynch/Kushner democrats. Now, it may as well be published by the NJ Democratic headquarters.