Monday, May 04, 2009

Lonegan Goes On Defense

The Lonegan campaign released a radio ad today to answer the Christie campaign's ads that have been hammering Lonegan's record on taxes and his flat tax proposal:

Steve Lonegan:

For months, Chris Christie has hidden from my campaign.

But now I’m surging in the polls and they’re running some of the most ridiculous negative ads imaginable.

Let me answer their silly charges one by one.

First: Christie says I raised taxes. That’s a lie.

Those were the Democrats’ budgets and I cut them and stopped their tax increases.

Second: Christie attacks my flat tax and supports the current progressive system.

My flat tax will cut rates on single people earning thirty five thousand a year and up and couples earning seventy thousand a year or more. That’s most taxpayers.

Again, Christie’s ad is a lie.

Third: I’ll provide real property tax relief.

Not through phony election year rebates but by reducing regulations, ending COAH, and distributing the state’s income tax equally on a per student basis.

Chris Christie has no plan and no clue.

It’s time for a conservative change.

That’s why I’m running for Governor, and I hope I’ve earned your vote.

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Baba O'Riley said...

"They’re running some of the most ridiculous negative ads imaginable."

Like the ones in the Lonegan tabloids?

Anonymous said...

I just want to get through this silly primary so we can rally around one candidate.

It is a fact, though, that Lonegan has executive / legislative experience ... with a firm record of reducing taxes. Christie has no such experience / record.

NO RINO said...

Politics is like a mistress. She will do the dirty things your wife won't.

Christie's ad said Lonegan proposed 10% and 15% increase in taxes. It implies he wanted to raise taxes and that he actually did.

Oh, I think having a mistress is wrong. I committed fidelity to my wife for life. But hey, "It's only politics"....right? Wrong!

The Republican primary is good for the party. It will tell the world if we are willing to sell out the second ammendment and embrace late term abortion. God forbid we speak God's name in public. In New Jersey you have to act like a Democrat to get elected....right? Wrong!

"It's only politics" is a poor answer.

Anonymous said...

we are in real trouble when it takes democrats to cut the excessive number of county workers in Monmouth. Wake up folks, NJ can no longer afford bloated government payrolls. Time to take out the ax