Monday, May 11, 2009

A message from Eric Sedler

Subject: Monmouth GOP Facebook Challenge!!!!

In a recent youtube video (now mysteriously missing) liberal tax and spend Governor Jon Corzine said, "The reason I really would like a second term to serve the people of this state is I think we've made a lot of progress".

Our task to you:
1) Come up with what “progress” you think Governor Corzine has accomplished. Be creative, cite examples, and most of all have fun!

2) Invite 15 of your friends to join the Monmouth County GOP group on facebook, and don’t forget to tell them to check us out on twitter!;(

3) After you invite 15 of your friends to our group, send a message to me with your response of Governor Corzine’s “progress”

Anybody who responds to me after they’ve invited 15 of their friends and completed the task will be automatically named an honorary “Grassroots Recruiting Captain” officer in the Monmouth GOP facebook group.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started on what “progress” Jon Corzine has made: 103 new or higher taxes since he took office, the ultimate unfunded mandate (COAH), supporting in-state tuition breaks for illegal immigrants while pushing to close schools for special needs children, and more!!!

Good luck!
Eric Sedler
Executive Director
Monmouth County Republican Committee
16 West Main St., PO Box 808
Freehold, NJ
Work Phone #: 732-431-6664

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