Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Message From The Republican State Committee

Absolutely unbelievable! Yesterday, Governor Corzine’s administration dropped another bomb on New Jersey taxpayers. He now plans to eliminate rebates after promising to increase them.

Corzine’s Treasurer David Rousseau, who just a few weeks ago said New Jerseyeans are not overtaxed, announced in the Assembly budget hearings the elimination of property tax rebates.


This video highlights Corzine’s broken promise to grow rebates 40% over four years, which was the centerpiece of his campaign in 2005. Not only did he promise to grow rebates he promised hardwire them into the state budget and fit our budgets to make it happen.

The fiscal disaster we're facing falls squarely at the feet of Corzine and the Democrats. The choices they made to ignore the billions of dollars in cuts offered by Republicans are the reason we are where we are. Instead of cutting taxes, Corzine raised them. Instead of cutting spending, Corzine increased the budget. Instead of lowering state debt, Corzine borrowed more.

Help us get this video out there by forwarding it NOW to your family and friends. It is time for New Jersey taxpayers to follow the lead of Corzine's former partners at Goldman Sachs and tell Jon Corzine: “Your fired."

1 comment: said...

I think all government rebates should be eliminated.

Do you know what a rebate means? You gave the government an interest free loan.

Same thing for your income tax rebate. I can't believe people are happy when they get them.

"Yippeeeee! The government yanked money from me, used it for free and gave it back!"

Good grief.