Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Republican Governors Association To Run Anti-Corzine Ads, Starting Tomorrow

The Republican Governors Association is taking a special interest in the New Jersey's Governors race. Check out their website,

The RGA is rolling out the following TV and radio ads starting tomorrow:

TV Ad:

Download radio ad here.

I find it curious that the RGA is spending money bashing Corzine now, during the GOP primary. Assuming Corzine is on the ballot in November, we are going to need a ton of money in the fall. A senior level NJ GOP leader suggests that the ads may be part of a fund raising campaign, or a signal to the Democratic Governors Association that the ads DGA announced last week will not go unanswered.


the inside airbather said...

Hey. I went 2 that dude Fred's website and it says he likes Gunnison Beach @ Sandy hook. Well, I don't remember seeing him there. It's cold here too!


Anonymous said...

I would be happy to contribute to a fund to have Jon Corzine ousted from the Governor's Office but I have been out of work for 17 months thanks to him and his Wall Street/AIG buddies, so I cannot afford to. Will this State ever get straightened out?